Photo Restoration – Restoring Those Wonderful Memories in Photos

Memories are preserved and kept forever through pictures. People who have long been gone can always be remembered through these photos. Because we put great value on them, we place these photographs in frames and use them as decorations in our homes and offices and even carry them around in our wallets and purses. However, there are circumstances that could change the appearance of these photos like natural disasters and even simple accidents. It is during these times when we would need some photo restoration techniques to bring back the wonderful memories these photos bring.

The Methods and the Tools

The damage or deterioration that could happen to our photos can be alleviated through photo restoration. You would need the help of a skilled photo restorer for this though so that your photos would look the way when they were first taken. Because restoring photos have long been in existence, you could expect that most of them were and are still being done in the dark rooms of photo specialists. The traditional tools used by these specialists include retouching dyes, artist brushes, toners, fixers, film tanks, and other chemicals and equipment. These tools are often used for manual restoration where dyes, brushes, and exposure to filters and prints are done by hand.

Nowadays though, photo restoration can be done digitally with the use of such tools as computers, scanners, monitors with high resolution, and photo editor software as well as papers, inks, and papers for high photo quality. Restoration is done through the use of a computer, and results are often saved as electronic files that could be stored in CDs or printed or emailed.

The Flow of Digital Restoration

There is a flow that is usually followed in digital photo restoration, and these are the following:

  • Placing the damaged film or the deteriorating photo under a scanner
  • Doing the retouching or the restoration of the photo with the use of a photo editor
  • Getting a print of the finished product using top-quality inks, papers and printers
  • Keeping the restored photo on a removable media like a CD or a USB

The Usual Photo Problems

There are many problems that could be encountered when it comes to a photograph that has been damaged or already deteriorating in quality. These include severe fading, cracks, the fading and shifting of the color, the imbalance of the tone and contrast, improper exposure and damage done by environment, water, tape, or age. When these problems happen, there are also different photo restoration capabilities that could be used to make corrections and to bring back the life of old or damaged photos. One of these is colorization, which is basically putting color to a black-and-white photograph. Special effects could also be done so that you will have a better picture than what you originally had.

Although restoring a photo’s original quality has always been the work of specialists, it is now possible to do so yourself. All you need to do is find a good book on the subject that could provide you a tutorial on what to do and the best kind of photo-editing software. However, if you are not confident about this, then getting the right kind of specialist is the best way to have your damaged or old photos restored.