Where Do I Find Free Photo Editing Software?

A photo speaks a thousand words and an edited photograph even more. In the earlier days, when people were unhappy with the kind of photo, that came out, that was. There was no way of fixing the damage that was done. This mentality gave rise to the need to be able edit photographs too. That was when the concept of photo editing software hit the markets. Earlier the softwares could either be used for a fee or had to be bought. Now those days are far behind. These days if one is unable to purchase software, one can invest in free photo editing software. These softwares can be used in multiple ways to change a photograph. Most of these softwares are developed by individuals. Some of these softwares are listed as follows:

1) GIMP: It is an open source photo or graphic editing software developed for Linux/Unix. It is often compared to Photoshop and at times, is also known as “free Photoshop”. This is because it has features like the interface, similar to Photoshop but it also has a steep learning curve. It is one of the softwares developed by individuals, there are possibilities of glitches, but most people have used it without complaints

2) Photoscape:There are many features in Photoscope and it is very easy to use. Some of the features which are popular are editor, viewer, batch processor, file renamer, Raw converter, screen capture tool, print layout tool, color picker and more. It is a free photo editing software.

3) Serif PhotoPlus: Serif has done a lot in the past to ensure the loyalty of its users. Lately, it has introduced the Serif PhotoPlus which unlike the other versions, is offered for free. Earlier times, one had to purchase the software which wasn’t possible for some of the users. So as a compromise, Serif offers a free but limited edition of the latest version.

4) Paint. NET: This is a software which offers free image and graphics manipulation. It is primarily meant for Windows Operating Systems such as 2000, Vista, XP or Server 2003. The software also has features such as drawing and painting tools, layers, levels adjustment (for colors), special effects and so on.

5) Pixia: It is an English version of a Japanese photo editing software. This software allows painting or adding touches to an already existing image. It includes features such as masking, multiple layers, custom brush tips, color, tone, vector and bitmap based drawing tools, multiple redo/undo and so on.

6) Photos Pos Pro: It is another free photo editor and it has an extremely user-friendly interface. The software has tools such as tools for creating computer graphics, advanced image enhancing, editing tools and functions, special effects, rich text tools, gradients, layes and mask, script tools, batch operations and so on.

The popularity of a free photo editing software are usually based on the number of features it offers and how user friendly it is and at times, whether it is free or if one has to pay for it. These days even phones offer photo editing tools, but the features are mostly restricted to crop and changing the color setting. To turn a simple image into a plethora of colors and images one needs a reasonable photo editing software.